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Why do my eyes wrinkle when I smile?

Can anyone tell me why my eyes wrinkle when I smile? Does that mean I look older?
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  • chrissyonline


    I think it is normal to have wrinkle when we smile. I am 24, and i also have wrinkle when i laugh though not too much on my face. But you can care of yourself to prevent from wrinkles because of sun exposure and aging. If you go out, you can wear sunglasses to shade your eyes. Besides, you shall use some cream on your face everyday to keep your skin moisture. In addition, keeping a easy and comfortable life is essential to prevent wrinkle.
  • Shannon


    Yes, you can make your eyes wrinkle when you smile because of the muscle tension. With the age gets older, people will easily get eye wrinkles. In order to release the wrinkles at the eyes, you could use the oil essentials to adopt around the eyes to make the eyes surrounding parts get moisture and comfortable. You could have a try.
  • Benjamin gary


    It is a natural thing which cannot be really avoided, facial expressions such as smiling, laughing, squinting, furrowing brows, and frowning can all attribute to wrinkles. Unavoidable as it is, there are things you can do to prevent them from becoming worse. Firstly, wear sunglasses when you are out because we usually squint our eyes as a natural response to the bright sun to prevent hurt. However, squinting and exposure to the sun can lead to permanent wrinkles eventually. Therefore, sunglasses are necessary. Secondly, ensure that you get enough sleep, at least 8 hours per night. And before you go to bed, you can apply a vitamin C cream around your eyes to make the skin softer and the creases less. Thirdly, drink plenty of water per day to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Fourthly, do not rub your eyes because the skin under the eyes is delicate, it is likely to wrinkle when you rub. By the way, smile is the most beautiful language in the world, believe it and keep smiling.