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Logan hall


How to take care of cosmetic contact lenses?

I have got cosmetic contact lenses, and I love wearing them when dating my boyfriend. Do you guys know how to take care of my cosmetic contact lenses?
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  • Adam peters


    You need to take care of your cosmetic contact lenses which could make you wear for a longer time. When you don't use them, you could just put them in the solution which could help you get rid of the protein on the surface of the contact lenses. You should not scratch the cosmetic contact lenses by your fingers. By doing the above ones, your cosmetic contact lenses will be within the normal time of using.
  • walkingalone_


    Before you take your cosmetic contact lenses off or put them in your eyes, you must take special care in case that your contact lenses are stained with bits of dust or other particles which will irritate your eyes. Disinfect your cosmetic contact lenses with a proper contact lenses solution. A no-rub multipurpose solution is best, because it can remove protein build-ups as well as prevent your contact lenses from being rubbed. You know, a solution without the no-rub feature is likely to scratch the color when you clean your cosmetic contact lenses. Soak your lenses in enzymatic cleaner once a month to keep the color of your contacts vivid and bright for a longer time. A lens case with screw-on lids which is able to prevent leaks is essential to store your cosmetic contact lenses, and it is ideal to pack in your purse. Remember to change your contact lens solution after opened within six months.
  • Rebecca


    There are some steps for you to follow to take care of your color contact lenses.
    1. Wash your hands with soap and dry them
    2. Take your color lens out and thoroughly rinse each side of it with multipurpose solution, by putting some solution on it
    3. Fill your contact lens case with fresh solution, place your lenses in, screw the lid on and leave your lenses to soak for at least 6 hours, or overnight. It is important to use fresh solution every time you place your lenses in it; recycling is not a good idea, in this case.
    4. When you are ready to wear your contacts, rinse each side again and pop them into your eyes
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