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Why are my eye sockets so deep?

I don' t like my deep eye sockets because I think which makes me look older. Why this happens to me? Do you guys know any solutions to this situation?
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  • Matthew harris


    You may be born to be. Or your smoking habits or the habits of staying up at night may cause you to get deep eye sockets. You could have the good rest for the eyes, not staying up late at night. You should also use some warm compress to make your eyes look moisture and beautiful. You could also do some eye make up to make your eyes look not that deep at the eye sockets.
  • cristti


    Perhaps you get deep eye sockets due to wearing glasses or contact lenses for a long time. Some people get deep eye sockets due to congenital dysplasia of soft tissue of the upper eyelids and the fragile orbicularis oculi. In addition, with age growing, the subcutaneous fat and fat of the orbicularis oculi atrophy, so the eye sockets become deep. The deep eye sockets can be cured by redistribution of the ocular fat or filling the fat. Or you can apply eye makeup to avoid looking older. You can select a shimmery light eye shadow color and apply the entire eye lid with an eye shadow brush. Then apply a medium contour color to the brow bone. Apply eyeliner onto the lower eyelashes with a shadow liner. When all are done, you will find your eye sockets are not that obvious.

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