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Are there natural remedies for visual snow?

How to relieve my visual snow? Any natural remedies?
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  • cherrygaru


    What I have to remind you is that visual snow is not like the muscae volitantes. It's not only about eyes but also about mental problems. In my opinion, you should adopt the dietary therapy for volitantes (such as proper intake of animal livers, eggs and fruits) and also accept psychological therapy at the same time. (as visual snow is a kind of disease caused by nervous centrals dysfunction not simply eye problems) You have to pay attention to rest your eyes after working long time and do proper exercises to relax your eyes. Keep good living clock, and don't stay up and try to keep a good position when you work. Take in some animal livers, marine food and fruits (green food) , avoid drinks with caffeine and try not to smoke or drink. All these above can not cure the disease but may relieve the discomfort. Besides, as good mood can matter a lot, you can try to do more outdoor activities with others. Hope that will help.
  • Sara nelson


    In order to relieve your visual snow, you could do the natural remedy. You could find the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress to make your eyes get moisture and comfortable. It is such an easy home remedy which you could have a try. You should keep doing it every day to make your eyes become moisture and comfortable.