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Can you be a model if you have a lazy eye?

I am wondering if I can still be a model with a lazy eye. My friend said that it was not good, but I really want to be a model.
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  • Robert murphy


    Now that it is your dream, then pursue it bravely regardless of what others say. As a saying goes,"One who has confidence in herself is the most beautiful one. " You should be confident and be positive about it, you can think in such way that you are unique and different, it is better than being the same as others. If you are a girl, get side bangs on the lazy eye to make it less noticeable. If you are a boy, wear a hat or sunglasses that grab their attention so that they will not notice your eyes. To get rid of the lazy eye, you should get enough sleep and close your eyes for a short time rest after reading or watching TV for a certain time. Place a patch over the good eye whenever you are alone, as it will force the lazy eye to work harder and strengthen the muscles of the lazy eye. Do not put pressure on the good eye. In a word, believe in yourself and you will succeed. Come on! Fight for your dream!
  • Brittany green


    Usually people with lazy eye will not be chosen as the models because of the weak eye vision. The eyes will not look bright and moisture which may affect the whole look. That is the main reason for their not suitable choice to be the models which need the high appearance containing the spirit. If you have the lazy eyes, you could do the surgery to make your eyes get healthy.
  • Greg Auburn


    Kate Moss is possibly the most famous and successful supermodel in the entire world. She is a fashion legend, and she was (and still is) able to model with strabismus (lazy eye).