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Andrea warren


Can high blood pressure cause bad vision?

It is said that high blood pressure can cause bad vision, is that true? What can I do to prevent this happening?
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  • Gabriel


    Yes, high blood pressure can cause bad vision if you left it untreated. Usually, people with high blood pressure may also got high eye pressure that is one of the factors of glaucoma. Besides, the high blood pressure is possible to damage the blood vessels in the eyes (also, some people called it retina). If your retina got hurt, it is surely affect your vision. And the damages to your vision is depending on the severity of the damages. So, don't ignore your high blood pressure.
  • Riley


    Yes, it is true that high blood pressure will cause bad vision because of the pressure at the eyes surface. The eyes nerves will be affected too. In order to prevent this, you need to keep the good mood every day. In addition, you could also drink more tea which could release your eyes and make your eyes get moisture. You should also do the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable.
  • Riley gary


    It is true that high blood pressure can cause bad vision if left untreated. High blood pressure can damage the blood vessels that provide blood to the retina that is at the back the eye and used to focus on images. The eye disease related with high blood pressure is called hypertensive retinopathy and should be taken seriously. This eye disease will lead to blurred vision, eye bleeding and total loss of vision. You can take measures to prevent the high blood pressure from affecting your eyes. You should keep a healthy lifestyle by taking more exercises and stopping drinking and smoking. A healthy diet should be considered. High amount of salt and sodium should be avoided in the diet. It is also necessary to visit your doctor on regular basis.