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Can diabetes cause eye pain?

Can diabetes cause eye pain? Is there other side effects on eyes because of diabetes?
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  • Katelyn


    Diabetes is a complicated and systemic disease which might bring various impacts to eyes. Diabetes refers to excessive glucose built in body with no sufficient insulin to digest it. Because of the high level of glucose in blood, it could damage the blood vessels and constrict the blood flow to eyes, hence it contribute to the developing of diabetic retinopathy, which is finally leading to secondary glaucoma. At the very beginning of glaucoma, patients don't feel anything abnormal. There is no any discomfort at all. But at later stage, it can cause pain in eyes. If you are diagnosed as diabetes, doctor should recommend you to have detailed examination of eyes frequently to monitor the intraocular pressure status. Glaucoma is the leading cause to blindness. Once it kills the optic nerve endings with this high pressure in eyes, there is no cure to get your vision back. You should take actions as soon as possible.
  • Adam tuener


    Though diabetes can lead to such eye diseases, but i never seen proves that eye pain can be caused by diabetes. Nevertheless, you are suggested to take regular eye exam if you have diabetes in order to detect and treat your eye problems. I real online that diabetes can affect our eyes even leading to blindness. Most of them are aged 20-74 years old. This is because diabetes may contribute to some serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy etc. For the sake of your eye health. Go to see a doctor right now.
  • Kristy


    It's really possible to get eye pain because of diabetes. As we all known, diabetes means that there are too much sugar in blood. However, the excessive sugar may lead to high pressure in blood vessels. And the most bad effect on eyes due to diabetes is blurry vision. Also, eye pain can be caused by high pressure in blood. Plus, eye pain is common condition, but which also needs to take good care.
  • Dawn C.


    Yes, diabetes will cause eye pain. There are many side effects on eyes because of diabetes. Your eyes will be easily dry. In addition, your eyes pressure will not be stable. Your eyes will easily get infection from the invisible bacterium because of weak immune system. You'd better use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.

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