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Where to buy black glasses like zachary quinto?

Have you seen the black glasses that zachary quinto wear? Where to buy black glasses like zachary quinto wear?
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  • walkingnreverse


    Yes I know that type of glasses, and the type of glasses he often wears is called geek glasses or black glasses . Actually, that kind of glasses are quite popular these days and you have easy access to them. My advice for you is to have a look at Walmart or MaxMart, where you can see loads of glasses of different types, including his type. Meanwhile, such glasses are offered on some e-commerce websites.
  • Michelle


    yes, i have seen the black glasses that zachary quinto wears as we all know, the actor who is most known for playing the killer Sylar Gabriel Grey in the globally successful and highly rated sci-fi HEROS has made a deep impression on millions of sci-fi fans all over the world. Therefore, more and more young people would imitate his style, like wearing black glasses. In the follow site, you can find the place where you can buy the same glasses as his.
  • walkingfetus


    Black eyeglasses are fasionable and cute. More and more people collect them and wear them. Walmart stocks some Zachary Quinto black glasses. And the price is good, the qualities of these black glasses are also fine. What's more, the shipping is free for some styles. So I believe that you can get your lover on this site.