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Randa Fritch


What to do if contacts won't come out?

I put contact lenses into my eyes this morning. But now, i find my contact lenses stick to my and i can't take it off. Please give me some ideas to help me get rid of the contact lenses.
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  • chosen_cookie


    Hello.Try and relax your eye and you may pull down on your eyelids to feel where the contact is stuck. There are two kinds of contacts, it yours are soft contacts, they are larger and easier to take out, and you can buy a special tool to remove them. But if you have hard contacts, you may need a small suction cup to get them out.When you deal with the contacts, make sure that you use some eye drops or contact lens to lube you eye to make it easier for the contacts to come out.Also, you could try filling up a bowl with water and dipping your eyes in it and blinking your eyes.If you still can not take them out,go to the opticians or go to see the doctor.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    Perhaps your eyes are too dry, drip some eyedrops to moist your eyes and then have a try to take the contact lens off again. Or put your finger on the white of the eye, and then push it gently toward the center, then the contact lens can loosen and you can take it off easily. Practice more.
  • Kevin lee


    Well, generally speaking, it can be because of the dry contacts, especially when you use daily disposable contact lenses. It could make your eyes been drying out because they're so thin. So there are some tips you can use to take them out. For example, you can pull your eye right open , and hold it open by holding your top lashes with your other hand, then carefully move the lenses off your iris. But you should remember that the iris should not be touched, so you need pinch lenses directly off them stings, until you get used to it. Also, you can have a warm drink and while just constantly blink, so that it can increase the amount of moisture in your eye. And then just take them off. Besides, you can also drop some eye drops. But you should pay attention to have some eye infection when taking them off.