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How to get gunk out of your eyes?

It is really disgusting that i see some gunk in my eyes. How can i get it out of my eyes?
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  • Sybil


    As for the gunk thing, does that means gums in your eyes? We have a gland named tarsus in our eyelids, their opening exist in the edge of eyelids. The oil that secreted by tarsus is the gum, it would moisten the eyelids and cornea, prevent the tears go out of eyes to erode the skin around eyes. It also would prevent dry eyes from tears evaporation. These oil and the dust and tears in the eyes mixed together to form the gum. How to get it out? You would better not use the dirty hands to touch the eyes. You can use clean cotton swab to sweep it out. As for the sticky gum, you can use swab to contact it, then softly turn it around, the left gum will pull out. Dirty hands will lead eyes infection by virus. So, take care!
  • Paige williams


    First of alll, wash your hands using soap and water before touching your eyes. Pour cool water into an eye cup.Hold the irritated eye open using the thumb and index finger on the hand that's on the same side of your body as the affected eye. Push your upper lid up from the eye and the lower lid down from the eye.Flush your eye by bringing the eye cup with cool water up to your eye in one swift movement. Dry your eye with a clean towel and blink out the water.Lift your upper eye lid with your finger, if it feels as if there is still dirt in your eye. Use a clean, dampened cotton swab to remove any remaining specks of dirt by brushing the swab over the dirt to pick it up.
  • Danai P.


    Hello, the gunk in the eyes is really very difficut for ourselve to get out. And there are some risks if you do it by yourself. You may be allergic to the contacts themselves. It may also have to do with contacts being such a new thing to you. But you can not keep it in your eyes for a long time, the stimulation cuased by the gunk can be very harmful and dangerous for your eyes. You eyes may get some sort of allergy owing to that. The best and safest choice for you is going to see your eye doctor, talk about your eyes conditon with them.For the experienced doctor, this is a common problem and it will not be difficult for them to help you deal with it successfully.

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