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Eric quick


What are side effects of drinking eye drops?

Is it bad to drink eye drops? What are side effects of drinking eye drops?
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  • Ana evelyn


    fdAs for the contents of the eye drops, the main factors are chloramphenicol and some trace of antibiotics. And you know your eyes are the most sensitive organ of your whole body. The eye drops are not toxic, and even the most sensitive organ would stand this kind of medicine, and you can imagine the affect of the other organ to it? As you know when you use the eye drops, it will be swallowed by your body through the canalis nasolacrimalis. No body get harm or injury from that, hum? So, there has nothing serious and nothing should be worried about! Just forget it!
  • walkerpaul


    In general, any kind of medicine has side effects, it is ok to use eye drops occasionally, but in the long-term, it has side effects, which would hurt your corneal epithelium. it also can dry your eyes, thus you cannot avoid it. the best way to protect your eyes is to relax it, giving it more time to look away.
  • Christina nelson


    It's absolutely bad to drink eye drops!!! Get eye drops in your stomach has a variety of harmful side effects for you, such as diarrhea,dramatically lowering body temperature, causing severe breathing difficulty, respiratory failure, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure fluctuation, tremors, seizures and even coma. Fortunately, most eye drops are just mild saline solution, so if you didn't drink too much, that will be no big problem. So, please do not drink eye drops and do not mix your eye drops in some drink, just in case you drink them.

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