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What style of glasses does ryan gosling wear?

Can you tell me what style of glasses does ryan gosling wear? Where can i find such glasses?
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  • Savannah percy


    Wow, I find that Ryan Gosling is really handsome, I like his looks and style. So, the type of glasses he sometimes wears is called black glasses which are attractive to the general public, especially the young. To be honest, such kind of glasses are so popular that you can find them at nearly all local optical stores.And they would not cost you a lot, of course, if you don't care about the brand.
  • Stephanie


    Ryan Gosling wears a pair of Selima Optique Chad sunglasses in the movie Crazy. And you can get the Chad sunglasses at any Selima Optique location stores. The types of Ryan Gosling wears are on sale online and in stores. The unique designers show off their perfect frames and good materials control and let you feel his elegant and stupid. Walmart is your best choice to get a pair of Ryan Gosling sunglasses. You would not get fake and expensive one on this site. It's a retailer and offers you various types and reasonable prices. is a site that can let you get more information about Ryan Gosling.
  • Alexia gerard


    Hello, the glasses that ryan gosling wear are specifically Chad Sunglasses by Selima Optique. But as far as I know, he also wear some aviator sunglasses. All the glasses he wear are really very cool. You may search such kinds of glasses online and you can also go to some or ebay, as well as walmart are good places for you to find these glasses.