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Should i get clear or colored contacts

I want to buy a pair of contact lenses for vision aids. But i also want to look good with the contact lenses. So, clear contacts, colored contacts, which one should i choose?
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  • Celina


    Well, it depends on your personal taste and preference, that differs from person to person. I myself prefer clear contact lenses since they look quite clean and would give my eyes less side effects. However, colored contacts are more harmful if not properly used despite that they are really awesome and attractive. So, both of them are ok for you. Like I said, you have the absolute right to choose.
  • gary


    First, both clear contacts and colored contacts have the equal functions for vision aids. Besides this function, colored contacts can also give your eyes different colors and give you a different look. It can totally alter the appearance of your eyes and make you more charming. Usually, the colored contacts are also very safe, you just need to choose high quality colored contacts for sure. So, in my opinion, you can choose colored contacts since you want to look better with contact lenses. That may make snese to you.
  • Austin gerard


    In you case, you had better select the clear contact lenses. Clear contact lenses are corrective contact lenses that are mainly used for correcting eye vision. The colored contact lenses mainly are non-corrective ones, which has the functionality of improving the appearance. Due to you need contact lenses to help you to improve eyesight, but not only for improving the appearance. The colored ones would influence your vision and easily make irritation.