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Is reading on a backlit screen bad for your eyes?

Is it OK to read something on a backlit screen? Will it cause some damages to my eyes?
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  • evrydyisystrdy


    Well, yes, reading on a backlit screen will be dad for your eyes. You should know that when you have reading on backlit screen, your eyes have to be focus on the point, so this will make your eyes fell strain. In a long time, it will do harm to your eyes. Anyway, you should be careful about it. Besides, it all depends on your pose when you have reading. You should not read them in the bed. Also you should also pay more attention to your reading habits. For example, you’d better not read a book in a dark place. And the position and the distance of your reading are also very important, so just be careful about them. So that you can not damage your eyes. Also, the light from the screen is also harmful to your eyes. Just be careful about it.
  • craziblondi36


    Well, it seems that you will have to stare at the screen for quite a long time. So, as a matter of fact, there will always be side effects and negative impact on your eyes. Nearly all electronics will cause harm to your eyes. However, you have to choose those that are designed to give out the minimum harm, and take care of your eyes on a regular basis.
  • Guava


    Hello,actually there is some debate about whether backlit or LCD screens are bad for vision and cause eye strain over time.And there are also some debates that backlit LCD screens cause more eye strain than other screens, such as E Ink. Some people say that backlit screens give them a headache and a eyestrain, but others can use them for hours without issue. In my opinion, it depends the habits of eye using. Just don't always stick your eyes on the screen for a long time and take a break to rest your eyes when they are uncomfortable and tired.What's more, dimming your screen can help reduce impact on your vision. It’s very possible that not the backlight that hurts your eyes but the fact that you aren't moving your eyes. So you just keep a good habit of using eyes while read on the backlit screen, it will cause little damage to your eyes and that should be OK.

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