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Is it bad to keep your eyes open while kissing?

I find most of novel said that people always closed their eyes when they kiss. Why? Is it bad to keep your eyes open while kissing?
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  • James


    Aha! I want to say, you are a romantic person, are you? That is because you like to read love stories of novels. Yes, most of the people close their eyes when they kissing. And there still not bad for your health to open the eyes when you kissing. However, most of the people say, the kissing is a wonderful and romantic thing, and it is very important for your relationship. If a man open the eyes when he kissing you, that may mean he is not pay full attention to you and not that care about you and believe in you. Some people think, to the women, when she is kissing, she still open her eyes, that will only mean she is curious to the express of his lover. You can see how unfair about the two opposite gender! The thing is only relative to the mental problem other than physical health. That is my opinion for you to reference!
  • lampo


    Hello, your question is quite interesting. In my opinion, keepping eyes closed while kissing is just a natural habit. Keepping your eyes open while kissing isn't going to be bad for you phsically, but it may cause some awkwardness. Since kissing can cause some nervousness for both sides, and closing eyes is a good way to reduce this kind of nervousness. What's more, closing eyes can give the people kissing more fuzzy but more romantic imaging in their mind, which is rather marvellous. But if you keep your eyes open while kissing, you may lose these wonderful feelings and you may feel strange, nervous and uncomfortable.
  • Sally


    Because kissing can give rise to emotional tension, while closing the eyes is a natural way of relieving such tension. Also, when people close his eyes in the course of kissing, many images in his mind become vague, but the image of the one he is kissing becomes vivid in his mind, which makes a wonderful feeling. Besides, that people close their eyes when they kiss can reduce the embarrassment due to intimate touch and help concentrate their attention on feeling the gentle touch and affection. It is not bad to keep your eyes open while kissing if you and your love do not feel uncomfortable.