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Are eye floaters a sign of diabetes?

What causes eye floaters? Are they a sign of diabetes?
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  • Jackson raphael


    I have to tell you , it is possible that if you have got eye floaters, you are likely to have got diabetes. But, please ease your mind, as I said, it is possible, not definitely. Because diabetes will cause eye disorders, which will lead to eye floaters. But actually, there are other sources leading to eye floaters. So, what you need to do is to identify the cause of your eye floaters. Try to examine your body in a large hospital and see what really happened. Perhaps it is because you are much too tired, just relax, maybe things are not that bad.
  • cazzeh


    Of course not. The eye floaters are the symptoms to stand out the eye problems. If you work so hard and use the computer for a long time every day with little rest, you may have the floaters in the eyes. When you have the floaters in the eyes, you'd better have a good rest for your eyes and use the eyedrops to release the symptoms.

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