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Mya harris


Are watery eyes a sign of diabetes?

Is it true that watery eyes are a sign of diabetes? How diabetes affect eyes?
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  • campbell


    Yes, it is true that watery eye is possibly a sign of diabetes. However, there are many other reasons that can cause the watery eyes like the eyes infection. When you get the diabetes, you will get the glassy eyes which will look so shining. You'd better take the medical care to treat it. In addition, you should take great notice of your diet.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Yes, diabetes patient might have watery eyes. Actually diabetes is the leading cause to blindness today which affect people aged from 20-74. Diabetes patients have problem to produce a kind of insulin, which could transfer glucose to power for our body. Hence the glucose builds up in blood. High blood sugar will definitely increase the risk of eye problem. There are three kinds of complications of eyes caused by diabetes. 1. Cataract. With cataract, you would have cloudy or foggy vision. Many people, especially old people, get cataract, but people with diabetes would develop this condition at an earlier age with faster progress. 2. Glaucoma. This is another dangerous eye problem caused by diabetes. The high pressure in eyes can kill nerve cells and blood vessels in eyes, which finally lead to blindness. People with glaucoma have watering eyes, yet we can't call the watering eyes a sign of diabetes I think. It is a symptom of a condition that might triggered by diabetes. 3. Retinopathy. This is the vascular complication related to diabetes, and it is the leading cause to blindness without timely and proper treatment. Diabetes can damage many organs in our body. So it is very important to control the blood sugar level.
  • Shirley


    Well, yes, watery eyes can be a sign of diabetes. Generally speaking, it is common to have it and there are also some symptoms of it. When you have disorder in your eyes, it can lead to diabetes. So some symptoms occur too. For example watery eyes can occur. Also, it can lead to floaters in your eyes and that will make you feel annoying. By the way, it can lead to weaker blood vessels and have a high potential for problems later. Finally, blurred vision and floating spots will often occur. Anyway, you should go and see a doctor, and have an exam. He can help you.