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taylor Savannah


Is an eye doctor able to detect diabetes?

When I went to my eye doctor to have an eye exam, after he gave me a complete test, he told me that I have got diabetic, which surprised me.I am curious whether the eye doctor can detect diabetes or not?
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  • Gabriel joyce


    An eye doctor, especially an opthamologist may be able to detect diabetes because there are changes that happen in your eyes when you become diabetic and they can detect those changes with their great equipment to know whether have diabetes or not. If he has told you that you could, then you need to be tested by a phyisian. So don't ignor what he said, but don't worry too much until you are tested for diabetes.
  • Isabel cook


    Some eye doctor will put drops into your eyes to make your pupil dilated, then they will use magnifying lens to look into your eyes to check whether your retina be damaged.Then they can detect whether you have got diabetes or not.
  • wesley


    Yes.Eye doctor can detect diabetes through eye exam.The eye doctor can also detect the cataracts. They will use ultrasonic waves to test the thickness of your cornea. If it is thicker than normal, you may get cataracts.