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Adam peters


Can heavy lifting cause retinal detachment?

I had a retinal detachment several months ago and it was repaired by the opthamologist. Yesterday I went shopping and I did a lot of heavy lifting. I ended up with 2 more holes in the retina. Can it be caused by heavy lifting?
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  • Nicholas campbell


    It depends. Usually, retinal detachment caused by heavy lifting often occurs to people have very serious myopia, also known as nearsightedness. In fact, weightlifting does not cause retinal detachment directly, it is increase the risks. So, for people with strong prescription of myopia, they seldom join in physical labour to avoid injuries of head, leading retinal detachment.
  • Noah james


    In general, heavy lifting can not cause detachment, but except people who have high myopia. You had a retinal detachment, your eye ground is not well, so you should try to avoid heavy lifting, because heavy physical labor can easily lead to vitreous opacities, under the external force and vitreous traction, the retinal degeneration is easy to make holes, and then develop into retinal detachment.

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