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Trinity rose


How to prevent retinal detachment?

I got a retinal detachment several weeks ago and the doctor told me to be much careful with them. How can I prevent retinal detachment again?
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  • Carlos


    To prevent retinal detachment, you shall first get regular checkups from eye doctor to know the healthy condition of your eyes. Besides, you shall be careful to avoid some fierce activities that cause hurt to your head, leading retinal detachment. In addition, You shall also try to promote whole body wellness. Do exercise regularly that strong your body that help keep your eye health.
  • b3mine_x3


    Retinal detachment is a serious eye disease. I will recommend your several methods to prevent it: first, you should prevent eye injuries. You try to not lift heavy things, and avoid violent activities, in order to prevent foreign object damage your eyes. Second, you should not over use your eyes and make them fatigue. You should keep the rest of your eyes, do not stare at computer and television for a long time, you should also maintain a certain distance when you read book. After using one or two hours, you should make your eyes have a rest. Third, you should prevent myopia. The experts believe that people with high myopia are easy to have retinal detachment. Fourth, you should have a regular eye examination, especially the patients with myopia.