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Can transition glasses be made with bifocal lenses?

I want a pair of transition glasses but I also wear bifocal glasses. Can transition glasses be made with bifocal lenses? If so, where can I get them?
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  • walkingthesky


    No, Bifocal lenses and transition lenses are different type of lenses. Till now, i never meet transition bifocal lenses. If you need to wear bifocal lenses, you can choose tint to your bifocal lenses that can give your colored bifocal glasses to reduce strong light in sun. If you want to give your eyes better protection, you can also add UV coating that can make your tinted glasses a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • kim west


    Yes you can... I have them and they work great, got mine at walmart
  • Zoe


    Yes, actually transition glasses are also known as photochmic lenses. The feature of this kind of lenses is that they can turn dark under the sunshine and turn into the original color when in room. That because the glasses are made of special lenses with special materials that can react to the UV rays so that to appear dark lenses. While the bifocal lenses are made to help people with near vision problems and distance vision problems. They are made with different lenses. So far, i didn't heard that any eyeglasses shop can provide lenses that conbine transition lenses and bifocal lenses.
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