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Is eye twitching a sign of diabetes?

Is it true that eye twitching is a sign of diabetes? I often suffer eye twitching. Does it mean i get diabetes?
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  • Danielle lewis


    Well, yes, in some degrees, itchy eyes can be a sign of diabetes. Generally speaking, people who have diabetes will have retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. In this situation, you may suffer itchy eyes too. Also, retinopathy is the most common disease related to diabetes. On the other hand, there are also some other effects on your eyes. For example, floaters in your eyes may occur. What is worse, it can lead to weaker blood vessels, even leading to bleeding in the eyes. Anyway, it can be dangerous to have it. So In my opinion, you should go and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Daniel


    Diabetes indeed has some effects on eyes. Yet we can't tell whether you got diabetes or not based on twitching. Because there are many causes for twitching, for example, fatigue, stress, alcohol, dry eyes, caffeine, eye strain, allergies and nutrition imbalance. You could think carefully if causes fit you. And as to diabetes, there are some obvious signs, for example, you might lose weight seriously and quickly in a sudden, urination frequency increase, extreme hunger soon after eating, and you feel easy to get tired. Diabetes might affect eyes, causing condition named diabetes retinopathy. It is complication which could lead to blindness. Based on the introduction above, I think it is hard to say whether you got diabetes or not. Your eye twitching might be caused by fatigue or something. You don't have to worry too much. But if you develop any symptoms of diabetes, I suggest you to go to hospital at your earliest. Taking proper and timely treatment is very important. Wish you get better soon.
  • Melanie smith


    Yes, the eye twitching is a sign of diabetes. However, when you get the eye twitching, it doesn't mean that you get the diabetes. There are many other reasons for the twitching eyes. For example, you may get the bacterium in the eyes which will cause your eyes to be twitched. Or the too much use of eyes in front of the computers may cause your eyes get twitching too.