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Are small round glasses in style now?

These small round glasses look so cute. Are they still in style now?
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  • Lex


    Small round glasses frames is one of an typical retro vintage style glasses that experienced many great person like John Lennon etc. In recently years, there is a group of people who very crazy about retro vintage accessories that make it become one style of fashion. So, if the small round glasses will match your temperament in a classic way. If you wear proper clothes, it will give your an amazing look.
  • neva taylor


    In my point of view, small round glasses are very cute and will make you look learned as well as experienced. In recent years, because of the rise of vintage style, such kind of glasses are chased after by people of all works of life. However, there are some tips to wear small round glasses: if you are round face, choose this kind of glasses carefully; if your face is a little big, you may also take care. To sum up, try them on before you buy them and the ones that flatter you most are the best choice.

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