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Kyle kirk


Can I get prescription lenses in my cat eye glasses frames?

i have a pair of cat eye glasses frames and I really love it. But i also want to wear it as my optical glasses. Can I get prescription lenses in my cat eye glasses frames?
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  • Angela tuener


    Yes, of course. Almost any type of glasses frames can be installed with prescription. But it maybe difficult to fill them if your prescription lenses are too thick. Nevertheless, you don't worry, there are high index lenses that can give you thin prescription lenses if you have very strong prescription. And if you have strong myopia, or nearsightedness, i hope your cat glasses frames are not too big so as to make your a nice optical glasses.
  • Nathan harris


    The answer is absolutely yes. Just bring your frame to the optical stores, and ask the staff to make your prescription lenses according to the frame. But there is also a problem that whether the material of your frame can endure the process of making lenses into it. Some frames are easily to break. In fact, you can select a new frame in the store. There are a lot of new styles of different colors for you to choose. It is very likely that you will find a more favorable frame which may make you look much more attractive. You can firstly go to some online stores to have a look.