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Caroline hill


What are side effects of diabetes on eyes?

I heard that diabetes have some side effects on eyes. Can you tell me What are side effects of diabetes on eyes? IS there anyway to avoid it?
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  • duncan


    Well, generally speaking, it is common to have this kind of disease. And it can also lead to some side effects. For example, people with this disease will have retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. And you should know that retinopathy is the most common disease which is related to diabetes. Also, it can lead to floaters in your eyes and that will make you feel annoying. By the way, it can lead to weaker blood vessels and have a high potential for problems later. Finally, blurred vision and floating spots will often occur. So just pay more attention to it. In my opinion, you should go and see a doctor, and have a exam. There is no home remedy for you to do.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Yes, the diabetes have some side effects on eyes. Diabetes is a danger disease in the whole body. The diabetes eye disease is most likely to happen diabetic oculopathy. It can cause various complications for the eyes. Firstly, the diabetic retinopathy is the most diabetes microvascular complications for serious people with diabetes. It is also one of the main causes of blindness because of the diabetes. Secondly, the people with cataract reduce transparency at the eye lenses. It is a kind of common eye disease. Diabetes can promote the occurrence and development of the cataract, especially in long-term high blood glucose toxicity continuous state. In addition, there are many other side effects from the diabetes, such as the weak eye nerves and droopy eyelids. You could treat the diabetes firstly which will help you avoid the eye problems.
  • Samuel rodney


    Pharmacologically, diabetes can affect the body to produce the insulin which is a hormone that guarantees blood sugar to enter the cells, produces energy and be used by the body. Like other diseases, diabetes is associated with some side effects such as, liver failure, respiratory infection, headache, pain etc. It should be noted that blindness is one of the most serious complications. People with diabetes are more likely to develop eye diseases (such as retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma) than the persons who are without diabetes. You can quickly know some common methods of treatment through the Internet, and indeed they do. Some of the most common treatment options are: oral diabetes pills, dietary changes, and exercise and islet cell transplantation.