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Jade scott


Can you drink alcohol if you have pink eye?

Is it OK to drink when you suffer pink eyes? Or it is very bad for eyes?
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  • Richard Schneider


    Hello, in my opinion, alcohol does not cause the disease pink eye, while it can easily cause red eyes due to dehydration and alcohol poisoning.An your eys can even become red from intoxication, So that's not a good idea! Things will make the eyes red or strained you should not do.
  • handshakedevon


    When it comes to pink eyes, most people have a root thinking that take a good rest and stay fit if pink eyes follow you. It’s true . The factors that cause pink eyes are as follows: viruses or bacteria, dry eyes from lack of tears or exposure to wind and sun, chemicals, fumes, or smoke . We know that pink eyes are very common, but not serious. You may get fine after 4-7 days if there is no any medical treatment. However, we still need take responsible for our health. Look after your eyes and do not smoke and drink any alcohol during your pink eye in a time for recovery. Viruses or bacteria and dry eyes from lack of tears or exposure to wind and sun can cause pink eye. So no rubbing or scratching on your eyes, or germs and sweat may get into your eyes to worsen your condition. By the way, you can not benefit from smoking and spicy foods when you have pink eyes.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Pink eyes occur when eyes get infected by bacterium. It may naturally recover in a week, but it'll take longer time if you have internal thermal. Alcohol may lead to internal thermal, so you'd better not to drink when you have pink eyes. You need adequate relaxation, bland food in your recovery session. And artificial tears are always required. Buy new towel when you fully recover. And keep use artificial water for several days when you recover. Do not eat peppers. Do not drink. Do not smoke.