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How to put out folded stuck contact lenses?

There is a contact lens stuck in my eyes. What should i do? How can i remove the stuck contact lens?
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    At the time this kind of problem happens, the first thing you shall remember is not to be crude. Violent rub may press the contact lens inside and hurt your eyes. Contact lens is often stuck in upper eyelid and conjunctiva in these cases. Firstly, use eye-drops. Raise your head and put on eye-drops. You can use much more eye-drop than usual. When you feel that the eye-drop soaks the entire eye, keep your head raised and close your eyes for a while. After being moist, the stuck contact may fall off itself and you can take it out carefully. If the first method does not work, try to turn over you upper eyelid and make sure whether the contact lens can be seen. If you can not see it, move your eyeballs and feel where it is. Move it out with your finger gently if you find it. Keep the nail away from your eye. It can be hard for you to do it all by yourself. Turn to someone for help. If it does not work either and you eye starts swelling, go to see a doctor.
  • ctc_youth


    Well, I am so sorry to hear that you have got contact lens stuck in your eyes, terrible really. So, what you need to do right now is not to worry but find something to take it out. However, during the process you may hurt your eyes due to nervous feeling. Therefore, just relax and keep your eyes wide open so that you can use a pickup to get it out. Hope you can fix this problem. Don't panic , everything is gonna be fine, but if you cannot handle this, leave it to a doctor.
  • big john


    Most contacts wearers have the complain of stuck contact lens. With the following steps, you can take it out easily. First, clean your hands thoroughly. Secondly, determine where the lens is. Thirdly, rinse your eye and lens with a large quantity of sterile saline and blink to lubricate eyes and rehydrate the lens. Repeat for several times. Then massage eyelids and blink try to draw out it. Be careful and gently, this could result in corneal abrasion if you still feel dry or act improperly. Last, when you get it out, rinse your eye with sterile saline again or apply eye drops, if necessary. If the above tip does not work or your eyes feel irritated, consult your eye doctor ASAP.
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