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Angelica giles


How much do contact lenses cost at walmart?

Once i bought glasses at walmart and it is good and now i need contact lenses. I want to know how much walmart contacts often cost? Are they good to wear?
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  • Beth


    It depends on what types of contact lenses you choose. There are different contact lenses there, and of course, the prices are different. I saw some are priced about $40, some signs about $70. I find there are some websites: . You can check it by yourself.
  • Isabel fergus


    The average price of contact lenses at walmart is around $ 70. However, if you want to choose the one with high water content and special materials, you may pay more than the average price. About the quality of eyeglasses and contact lenses at walmart, you should take it easy.
  • elstrider


    One of my friend bought contacts lenses at Walmart,not bad,but just so so. He paid $126 for a average one of which the validity equal 6 months, and I heard the quality of the contact lenses is good. By the way,if you get there at the right time when there is a promotion activity,they will provide some gifts,just like Nursing liquid .In a word,it's a good idea to buy contact lenses there.
  • hand_in_glove_


    Well, generally speaking, contact lenses which are sold in wal-mart are not so expensive. But on the other hand, you should know that there are different kinds of contact lenses, so they vary in different prices. Because they can be made of different materials, and they are made for different functions, you should choose them with your own situation and your own needs. So I can not give a certain number. You can go and check them on internet. If you buy them online, there will be cheaper than the real store. So you can go and buy them online. of course, you should not worry about the quality for they are always of good quality.

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