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Thomas keith


How much are maui jim sunglasses? What are good stores that sell them online?

Are maui jim sunglasses expensive? how much are they charge? Can you recommend me some good online shops to buy maui jim sunglasses?
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  • Nathan


    Well, actually, Maui Jim sunglasses are very popular with many people, and they are also worth the money. So you should know what Maui Jim sunglasses are and what special functions they have. Anyway, because of their special functions, they are just worth the money. And their prices are different, it all depends on what type you will choose. Also you can choose them in some online stores, such as
  • miguel gaytan


    Compared with other big brand like Gucci or Chanel, the price of maui jim sunglasses are relatively suitable. The online price is cheaper than those in the franchise stores. And the average price in the online store is about $ 300. The maui jim sunglasses mainly adopt the Polycarbonate lens (Polycarbonate) which can be used to produce jet engine, cover board riot shields. As the sports sunglasses, it uses the kind of solid materials. And it can be made with any degree of lens. In addition, the lens itself can absorb 98% of ultraviolet lights. You can go to the visionwork or Walmart to have a look.
  • Daniel gerard


    Maui Jim a famous sunglasses brand from Peoria, Illinois, the United States. It is a high-end sunglasses manufacture while its products are absolutely luxuries. Maui Jim is specialized in manufacturing sport sunglasses. All Maui Jim sunglasses are designed in accompany with scientific consideration and fashion elements. Average price of a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses is around 200 to 300 dollars. For some thing special, it may cost more. They offer no sunglasses under 200 dollars except sunglasses cases which may cost 20 dollars. The most online shop to by Maui Jim is Maui Jim official website. You can by real things there at a reasonable price.