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How much are d&g sunglasses?

I am planning to buy sunglasses for my friend and i prefer d&g sunglasses. How much should i prepare for that? Do you think they are worth the money?
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  • eclipseracer01


    If you go to the online store, the price may be much cheaper than those in the franchise stores. For example, on the Dolce & Gabbana website the D&G women's sunglasses are priced from $179 to $204 . One man's pair was listed at $149. However, if you go to the Neiman Marcus website, other D&G styles may run as high as $418. In my opinion, such sunglasses are worthy to buy because of the high quality and fashionable design if your economic condition is allowed.
  • ejg29


    It is depends which types d&g sunglasses you buy since d&g sunglasses vary in different styles and colors. Some Dolce and Gabbana run $ 200+. But there are still some of them priced about $300. If you take sunglasses as one of fashion accessories, it is worthy to buy a pair. Besides, wearing sunglasses can also shield your eyes.
  • Aaron


    It seems that you your friend will be flattered in no time. You should know that the D&G symbol is one of the most trademarks there is and upon looking at their sunglasses collection, it's easy to see why. To recognize a brand, something's got to draw your attention in and catch your eye. That's where their unique and playful frames come into their own. Generally speaking, you gotta get about two hundred dollars and I myself think they are worth buying.
  • ctc_youth


    I have to say,your friend is so lucky to have you.Then maybe you should arrange about $400 to buy a decent one,maybe newly launched.Talk about it worth the money or not,I mean ,for the quality and the popularity,it definitely worth it.But,my suggestion is that have a look at Revo store , the quality is much superior as I thought.

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