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Where are foster grant sunglasses made?

I have a pair of foster grant sunglasses. Where are foster grant sunglasses made? Are they expensive?
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  • Keith


    2020 Just bought a pair. Made in China.
  • Benjamin gary


    Well, it is good for you to appreciate and recognize Foster Grant, which is skilled at producing the best quality sunglasses in the United States of America. As a matter of fact, it has a nearly ninety years of history of producing sunglasses, since then, it has become the largest seller in the US. Generally speaking, they are relatively expensive due to their pricing and quality. Actually, they are made in the US, but in the mean time, they have set up factories in other countries as well.
  • Lindsay


    Foster grant sunglasses are a famous brand which is founded by Sam foster in 1919. And headquarter is in Smithfield, USA. So you should know that they are made in USA. Foster Grant Sunglasses are extremely affordable, starting as low as $5 on sale. You don not need worry about the price problems and also because of their beautiful design and good quality, it has be used by many people. Maybe you can have a try.
  • alva


    The foster grant sunglasses are made in America. Talking about its price, it is relatively suitable when compared with big brands such as Gucci, Chanel and so on. The quality of it is good which is so durable that you can wear for over three years. And the design always adopts the latest fashionable element.

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