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Kimberly quick


Does eating bananas stop eye twitching?

My eyes often twitch and i know banana is good for eyes. I just wonder if banana can help me stop eye twitching?
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  • Sally


    When the brain is stimulated, the eyes tend to twitch which to the large degree is related with the nerves. However, if you get the eyes infection, like that you are in the environment of dust or sand every day, your eyes may easily twitch. Whatever the cause that makes your eyes twitch, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a check on the eyes. However, as we know, the bananas will contain the fibre that can make our fierce nerves release a little. Eating some of them will make the twitching eyes release a little. But it can not stop them twitch. Thus, you'd better accept the treatment from the doctors.
  • Michelle


    I am not sure. There is no evidence to show that bananas can help stop eye twitching. But i know that bananas can provide adequate sources of potassium to help ward off muscle cramps thus to help people who are muscle spasms. And eye twitching usually caused by tired. So, if you got eye twitching, you can give yourself a good rest to release yourself from that.
  • Caitlin owen


    Yep, it is a good treatment for eye twitching. Eye twitching is a common eye problem that usually the bottom lid of one eye is involved, but the top eyelid also can twitch. Banana is one food that can help you with random twitches because it is rich in potassium and zinc, these two nutrition can trigger eyelid spasms. And other foods include cashews, chicken or peanut butter are helpful for stopping eye twitching.
  • croatiadiary


    The eye twitch is usually caused by tiredness and fatigue of eyes. While Banana can ease the weariness of eyes since it is rich in potassium and B-renieratene. People who work with computers are advised to eat a banana everyday to relieve the weariness and dry condition of eyes. So I think banana can, to some extent, indirectly ease the twitch. But the effect may not be very obvious in a short time. Maybe you have overused your eyes. Just have some rest, do some eye excises.
  • Steve Zarren


    Very often eye twitching is the beginning of a neurological disorder called blepharospasm, a form of dystonia. Dystonia is evidenced by involuntary muscular contractions. You may not have that but if you do, the twitching will become spasms. The vision is not affected by this but I would like you to visit a resource site that will provide more information.

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