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How much do bifocal glasses cost?

I hear that bifocal glasses are good for old people and i plan to buy bifocals. How much do bifocal glasses cost?What do you think of bifocal glasses?
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  • Karin


    The same as bifocal eyeglasses, bifocal contact lenses are made to help people with presbyopia and also suffered from myopia etc. They can provide them vision aids with one pair of contact lenses. From this point, bifocal contact lenses are worthy to try. And the cost of bifocal contact lenses are different for each pair of contact lenses and at each eye glasses shop. As far as i could know, you can get bifocal contact lenses at 35 on
  • Jordyn carter


    The cost of bifocal glasses vary a lot on the price, which bases on the brand and style you choose . If you buy one from the online stores, you can get it quite cheap less than $40. My bifocal glasses are quite convenient to use which are bought from the online store with $ 58. However, if you want to buy the good one with a famous brand , high-index lenses and special coating , it will cost you more than $220.
  • Ana clive


    Well, in my opinion, it is a good choice to have bifocal glasses. You should know that bifocal glasses can make people focus on both close-up items as well as distant objects. And because of the different styles, materials, the prices are also different. In other words, the cost of bifocal glasses varies a lot depending on the brand and style materials you choose. You can get it quite cheap less than $50 from online stores. And also, they can cost $200. maybe you can buy them online.


    It%u2019s depends on the power and type of bifocals. There is a huge differance in the cost of different type & also depends on the place where do you purchase.
  • Gabriella


    Precisely, the cost for a pair of bifocals varies the option you choose such as what kind of lenses, coatings, lens materials or frame materials you choose. Moreover, the price of bifocals vastly varies from online eyeglasses shop to optometrist's office. You can cost around $100 to buy a pair at online eyeglasses store, or you also can cost more depending on your prescription whether it is strong or not. Here is my suggestion, you can load on an online store and choose a pair according to your prescription and then you can compare it with that in your optometrist's office and then make your decision where to buy yours. Hope this helpful.

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