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Does stress cause eye styes? How to alleviate a stye?

I wonder if stress can lead to an eye stye? If i get an eye stye, what can i do to relieve it?
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  • cheryl


    I never heard that stress can cause eye styes. If you are with great stress, you may get eye strain or eyes appear red. But that is not a stye. A stye is one type of infection on the eyelids. That makes your eyelids looks red, puffy etc. It can be caused by medication, hyperventilation, stress, anxiety, drinking alcohol etc.
  • Melissa duncan


    Eye stye can be caused by infection, stress and malnutrition. Too much stress can lead to eye stye. You can take some antibiotic medicine, use some eye drops, foment your eyes to lessen the discomfort and tiredness. Try to relax yourself and take some good rest and avoid eating the food that is spicy or too sweet. But if it persists, consult the doctor immediately.
  • Trinity rose


    Yes, it could that. Because you are stressed and could not sleep well, it could cause your immune system does not work effectively as usual. And it is easy to get eye infection when you are stressful due to your body could make certain chemicals or hormones to result in developing eye stye. In order to relieve eye stye, you should always remember wash your hands before and after touching the affected eye. And avoid using cosmetics on your eyelid area during the stye period. Or you could take a warm compress by utilizing a cloth with warm water, and hold the warm compress over the affected eye for 5 minutes and repeat it for three times a day. Due to the warmth of the compress could encourage the stye to release quickly.
  • Allison


    Yes, stress can lead to an eye stye. This information comes from other people who have noticed their increased stress level bringing styes on. Also medical authorities have confirmed that stress can for example trigger the development of a stye. And for the reasons, here is the explanation. When you are stressed and haven't slept well your immune system may be vulnerable and thus allowing infections to happen which might cause stye. So you should know that it does lead to an eye stye. So if you have an eye stye, what should you do? To treat it, the effective way you can do is just make you self not so stressed and also have good rest. So that it will do a good job to it.