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David Felker


Does iritis cause blindness ?

Is it possible to cause blindness because of iritis? If so, how to prevent it?
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  • Olavi


    Well, I can see that you are quite worried about your eye health. So, as a matter of fact, sometimes iritis could give rise to glaucoma at the same time, which could lead to blindness. However, if you notice your iritis very early and if timely treatment is done, you are very likely to be cured. If you want to prevent it, you should pay attention to your eye health. Avoid dirty contact with your hands and try to get a healthy diet and exercises.
  • Mark Burns


    Well, in my opinion, it will lead to blindness in some degree. First, you should know that the iris is made up of muscular fibers. And for the function, it can control the amount of light entering the pupil, in that way, you can see clearly. And when it is inflamed, the ititis occur. For the symptoms, you may feel eye pain and discomfort in your eyes. In some serious situation, it can also lead to blindness. So you should treat it as soon as possible.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Iritis is one of the most common cause for blindness, but this blindness evitable. Iris is the circular around pupil, at the front part of eyes. Iritis is usually caused by traumatic or non-traumatic reasons. Blunt trauma to eyes can cause acute traumatic inflammation of iritis. As to non-traumatic causes, iritis is usually connected with some conditions, for example reiter syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, infection with herpes simplex and so on. It might give you the pain in eye or brow Region, sensitivity to light which increase the pain, redness of eyes, weird shaped pupil, blurry vision and headache. To prevent iritis developing to blindness, you only need to take some timely and simple treatment. Take medication such as eye drops, pills to speed up the healing and decrease the pain. Visit your oculist regularly to ensure the healing as necessary follow-up steps. You also need to note wear sunglasses when you need to go to bright circumstances. Don't worry too much. As long as you take medication exactly the oculist prescribed to you, protect your eyes from glare and bright light, it should be ok for you.

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