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How to treat aging eyes?

My grandpa has very bad presbyopia. He told me the eyes will age when we get older. I am afraid that one day I will have the same problem as grandpa does. So can you tell me some ways to treat aging eyes?
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  • Alisa O.


    Macular degeneration is one symptom of the aging eyes. Kid, I am pretty sure that you cannot understand this kind of disease, so I just tell you the ways to prevent it directly. There are a variety of options that can help to reduce the risk. First, you can give up smoking. Second, you can eat plenty of dark, leafy green vegetables. Third, you can eat fish or take a fish oil supplement. Five, you must exercise regularly and stay at a healthy weight.
  • Downeast


    Kid, you can have regular eye exams. In this way if there are any problems with your eyes your eye doctor will tell you timely and help you to treat them. You can also wear appropriate sunglasses to block UV and blue light when you go out. We all know that UV and blue light may cause eye damage. You can eat fruit and nuts every day. You can also tell your grandpa to keep his blood pressure and cholesterol under control. Many elder people may have these problems. Ask him to do regular exercise and control weight with you for this can help manage your blood pressure and cholesterol and further prevent the aging eyes.

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