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What does eye cancer feel like?

I heard people talk about eye cancer. What is it? I often got burning and pain eyes at evening. Is this a matter of eye cancer? Any idea?
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  • walkingthesky


    Don't worry. I think your symptoms are quite common. Many eye infections can lead to your symptoms too. Eye cancer often has some sort of symptoms like decreased vision for unclear reason associated with headaches at the same time, eye pain, redness or asymmetric bulging of eyes. But these symptoms can be caused by other conditions too. I think you can see your ophthalmologist and have an eye exam.
  • clive


    Doctor told me that the eye cancer is a cancer which starts in the eye. And there are different types of eye cancers all over the world. If you want to understand eye cancers more clearly, you should know the structure and function of our eyes. Our eyes can get cancer on the outside and inside and there are many symptoms when we get eye cancer. but I don't think you have got eye cancer. You can see your doctor and deal with your symptoms quickly.