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Can you get contact lenses if you wear varifocals?

Usually, I wear varifocal glasses, but I heard that contact lenses are very convenient. I want to get a pair of contact lenses. But I don't know whether there are some contacts for my vision problem.
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  • crystal_jade13


    Of course you can get a pair of varifocal contact lenses in any eyeglasses shops. Contact lenses do really make our daily life more convenient. But they can cause many problems compared with glasses. Usually they are easier to cause eye strains and dry eye. And if you do not care about the hygiene of using contacts you may infect your eyes and make further inconveniences to your life.
  • walkingcaine


    There are varifocal contact lenses. While at first, I'm confused about varifocal contact lenses. I think it may be impossible to function as well as varifocal glasses do. But my friend just bought a pair of varifocal contact lenses. It does work. So you can have a try. Remember that wash your hands with soaps before wearing the contacts.
  • Justin Ligertwood


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