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How do you cure eye strain?

I am a computer user. Just like other computer workers, I have to spend the whole day in front of the computer. Recently, I often feel that my eyes are too tired. They are red and twitching. Can you give me some suggestions to relieve eye strain?
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  • Calvin


    There are a few easy steps to help you relieve your annoyances like eye twitching and red eyes caused by eye strain. First, you can have a comprehensive eye exam. Your eye doctor will tell you the safe distance between your eyes and the computer screen. A proper distance will reduce your eye strain next time. Second, you should use proper lighting. Eye strain can be caused by excessively bright light from outdoor sunlight or from harsh interior lighting. So actually the light of your computer should be about half as bright as that in most offices.
  • copelynrose


    If you have some vision problems and often wear contact lenses, your eyes may become dry and uncomfortable during sustained computer work. You can consider computer eyewear. You can ask your eye care professional to modify the eyeglasses prescription. You can also blink your eyes more often. Blink your eyes can moisten your eyes and further prevent dryness and irritation. And take frequent breaks can reduce the eye strain and neck pain during your computer work.