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Brooke peters


When do your eyes stop growing?

My kid got some vision problems. The doctor gave him a prescription glasses. But he doesn't want to wear them. I think if we can improve his eyesight through other ways before the eyes stop growing, we can get rid of the glasses forever. Am I right? But I don't know when eyes stop growing.
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  • Kimberly Y


    Yes, our eyes do grow, but I think most of the growth will take place early in life. As for the retina, I heard that its growth often takes place before the age of two. And the eyeball will continue its growth until the age of six. Oh, I forget to ask that how old is your child?
  • ezycome_ezygo


    Which kind of vision problem does your child got? If it is the nearsightedness, a common vision problem, the eyes remains moldable and can change its shape. You can cure this by surgery. Eyes have many growth factors. Chemical signals can stimulate the growth of eyes. I don't know exactly when they will stop growing. So I suggest you to tell your eye doctor your concerns and worries. You may get more help.