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How do I know if I am nearsighted or farsighted?

I am myopia. But I doubt that I also have some problems other than this, because I cannot see things clearly nearby. What's wrong with my eyes? What can I do? Please help me!
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  • Katelyn


    According to what you said, I think you may get the farsightedness too. I think the easiest way is to have your eyesight checked by your eye doctor. And then your doctor can give you a prescription according to your situation. Don't hesitate, or you may lose the most effective curing time.
  • hall


    The most common symptom of Farsightedness is: when you are looking at near objects, blurred vision will present. But I don't know whether it is reasonable to have nearsightedness and farsightedness at the same time. You'd better consult your eye doctor and have your eyesight checked again. I suggest you to do this in the morning.
  • scott burnham


    If your myopic you are nearsighted. Basically your eye is to long and the image falls short of the retina and that is what causes things to be blurry. The only thing you can do is get regular eye exams, glasses or contacts. your vision will stabilize in your 20's and then you can opt for vision correction surgery if you want to.
  • Rebecca


    You are either nearsighted or very farsighted. If you are farsighted your glasses will magnify you eyes a little. If you are nearsighted your glasses will make your eyes look a little smaller. That's the easiest way to know for sure.

    If you look in a mirror and slowly move your glasses away from your eyes they will appear to shrink if your glasses are for nearsightedness. The effect will be the opposite if you are farsighted.

    If you a nearsighted with a lot of astigmatism everything will look at least a bit fuzzy even close up. Severe farsightedness can also cause blur at all distances. I think you are probably nearsighted though.
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