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Do glasses make you look more professional?

One of my colleagues always wear a pair of black eyeglasses, but i know he has perfect vision. Why does he wear glasses? Do glasses make you look more professional?
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  • Melissa duncan


    It totally depends on your own. Some people wear glasses well, at least to themselves. Because there are many styles and colors and patterns design for glasses now. Many people would like to wear glasses just for looking better. Wearing the right glasses could make people look professional or fashionable or elegant and etc. Many famous luxury brands develop glasses as accessories and sold very well. Wearing glasses could give you a different feeling. You could absolutely have a try.
  • chris R


    Many people wear the glasses with no prescription to make them look cool and good at the appearance. A lot of succeed people wear the eyeglasses. That is why a lot of people follow to wear the glasses to show the professional character. They want to look at more professional style. Indeed, the eyeglasses can make this effect.
  • ufdr


    Eyeglass wearers look smarter and are more likely to find work, according to a new study by the British College of Optometrists that was reported in the Daily Mail.
    The research found that one-third of Brits believe that specs make a person look more professional while some 43% of the respondents believe spec wearers look more intelligent. And 40% of the respondents said they%u2019d consider wearing glasses even if they didn%u2019t need them just to up their chances of landing a job.