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Where to get malcolm x style glasses?

I'm looking for the style of glasses that Malcolm X wore. What place to go for them? Any idea?
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  • cowboyfrom666


    There are many places you can get Malcolm x style glasses. In the first place, you can go to some entity stores in some big shopping malls. They always have many styles and brands for you to choose from. You can go to find your cat eye sunglass that suits you and is affordable for you. Secondly, you can buy your Malcolm x style glasses online. There are many online websites and stores selling sunglasses online now and their goods are sometimes cheaper. You can definitely find your Malcolm x style glasses online, for they have so many choices for you.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    Malcolm X often wears his Browline Glasses and he made this style quite popular. almost of eyeglasses sold in 1950s were browlines. At present, Malcolm X style glasses are still hot in 2012. You can google Browline Glasses or Malcolm X glasses. Check out this site.

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