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How to get rid of such swollen eyes when i woke up ?

I usually go to bed early and sleep a lot, but i still get swollen eyes. Why? And i am going to join in a concert with my friends, and i don't want to meet them with swollen eyes. How can i reduce such swelling?
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  • Jonathan griffin


    Aside from lacking sleep, there are many reasons that can cause swollen eyes such as crying, fluid retention, stress, allergies and hormone changes etc. If you want to reduce such swelling in short time, Here is a simple way that maybe help. Using cold water to wash your face and eyes around ( if you place ice bag on your closed for about 15 to 20 minutes, it would be better). Besides, aside from ice bag, place your eyes with cold tea bag (wet the tea bag first, and then cool them in refrigerator) also very helpful for swollen eyes. At last, use cream that particularly for swollen and puff eyes.
  • Andrew


    There are many other factors that cause swollen eyes, such as crying in the daytime, eating too salty or drinking too much water during the two hours before you sleep. And if you used computer too much in the daytime, your eyes may also be swollen. So, if you want to get rid of it, you should avoid all the above-mentioned cases. Besides, you have a try as one of the blows: 1. Massage your eyes with tea bag. Compress your eyes with the tea bag, then spread on eye cream and massage your eyelids from the corner to the end. 2. Compress your eyes with brine. Place the brine in the refrigerator and then take it out, then compress it on your eyelids with cotton pad.
  • Melissa garcia


    It must be very awkward to be seen like that. There are several reasons leading to that, lack of sleep, oversleep, too much water before sleep, etc. But there are ways to eliminate it. Try not to drink that amount of water before you go to bed, when you wake the following morning, try to wash your face with cold water, better yet, use some ice bag to message your eyes. Hope you find them useful!

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