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Why are more athletes choosing prescription sports glasses?

At the beginning, I thought that athletes wear sports glasses for being cool. But later my friends told that most of them wear prescription sports glasses for vision aids? Is that true? Why are more and more people now wearing prescription sports glasses?
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  • cute_but_catty


    On one hand, it is a common sense that the excellent ability of observation is a necessity to an outstanding athlete, since the prescription sports glasses was invented, more and more professional athletes and sports enthusiasts who have vision problems like myopia, hyperopia and more benefit from it. On the other hand, when you do sports, the glasses on your face often slips. What's more, sometimes when hit by your opponent or the ball accidentally, it is likely to be broken. Thanks to the prescription sports glasses with the wraparound style, those situations mentioned above would possibly not appear any more.
  • Melanie


    It is a fact that more and more athletes are tending to choose prescription sports glasses and there are some reasons for this. First of all, they think wearing prescription sports glasses would make them look cool. Secondly, prescription sports glasses can offer them better vision compared with other normal glasses. For athletes doing sports, especially outdoor sports like athletics and mountain bike cycling, they really need a pair of prescription sports glasses for vision aids and eye protection.
  • elmo01


    A lot of athletes are taking advice from their professional coaches, according to their views, wearing prescription glasses can better see the surroundings during the match, for some of them do not have good vision. By wearing prescription glasses, they tend to get better results and be more confident. By the way, are you athlete? If you are , you may also go and have a try, it proves to be really effective in improving performance.