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How to get free eyeglasses for low income families?

I want to get some free eyeglasses because i have serious myopia. But i can't afford the expensive prescription eyeglasses. I heard that there are free glasses for low income people. Is that true? Can i get it for free? If so, who will offer me free glasses?
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  • Alexandra


    Actually, i don't know how to get free eyeglasses for low income families. But i saw some online sites that provide free glasses. So far, I saw that and offering free glasses. I have a skim at They signed that first pair free for new customers. If you never go that site, you can have a try. Anyway, their eyeglasses are very affordable. Hope this help you.
  • Miranda


    Once I got a pair of free eyeglasses from and it look good. They are still sending free glasses for new customers. So, you can check it out and get your free glasses if you are a new customers to Good luck.
  • Joanna Whiteside


    which glasses are free? You have to go thru almost all the glasses to find a pr. Even the cheap ones say not free. Plus because I went back fro the cart to the site after finding a pr. (I wanted to ck something out), I was told I already got my free glasses. I didn't, but the computer site took as tho I did. I need reading glasses and can't afford expensive.

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