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Do you think the eyeglasses johnny depp wears is cool?

I often see johnny Depp wearing eyeglasses in public? I think the glasses make him more handsome. Do you agree? I am going to buy a similar one for a better look. But one of my friends said that such glasses are only suitable for older adult. I am just over 20 years. Can i wear such eyeglasses?
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  • cajunbel29


    Ah, you raised a popular issue. Many people wonder that why Johnny Depp often glasses in public just like you. Yes, I think he is cool with glasses, but it doesn't mean you definitely need the glasses like his to look cool. I guess it is just his personal habit that wearing glasses, he is the "bad Hollywood boy" right? This may be just one of his specialties to make this name. You can have a try to wear glasses like his, but you still should pay attention to your face, that means you should wear glasses suitable with you instead of these Johnny Depp wears. And you just be yourself, not anyone else.
  • Ronda


    The eyeglasses johnny depp often wear is just a type of horn rimmed eyeglasses or tortoise eyeglasses. They are one typical style of retro vintage eyeglasses. So, they are popular among some nostalgic people. And the eyeglasses frames have no limits to people's age. And you can wear it as long as the glasses frames fit and suitable for you if you want to get good looks from them.


    Well, as far as I am concerned, different people have various style, so my advice for you is to develop your own style, maybe the one that Johnny Depp wears looks fantastic, but first you should consider his reputation and style, age and way of life. Bear in mind that he's an actor and singer. If you insist on buying one and have a try, be aware of that you should change your overall looks.

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