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Alexander david


Why does amare stoudemire wear eyeglasses when he plays basketball?

I saw amare stoudemire often wearing a pair of strange eyeglasses when he is playing basketball. Why does he wear it? Is just for looking cool ? Or the glasses can help him do a better job in games? If so, how?
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  • Makayla


    The eyeglasses worn by amare stoudemire also known as basketball goggle or sports glasses. Now, more and more athletes shield their eyes with such sports glasses. They are not just wearing for cool look, but protect their eyes and provide their vision aids. As we know, playing basketball can be dangerous that you may get hurt by the flying ball or other opponent athletes. And eyes is the most precious and delicate organs of our body, It is very necessary to protect the eyes well when join in some sports activities.
  • cnpriest


    Once Amare Stoudemire was poked in the eye in 2008 and his eyes got hurt and then he started wearing goggles for protection. At present, more and more famous basketball stars begin to wear goggles to protect their eyes. You know NBA is competitive, and players' eyes are at high risk. Goggles can offer them good eye protection.

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