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Riley gary


What are the eyeglasses style that Woody Allen often wears?

I think woody allen's glasses look great. I want to buy a pair of such glasses frames for my father since he needs reading glasses right now. So, what the style of woody allen glasses? Is it still popular? And where can i get such glasses frames ?
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  • Daniel gerard


    From most of his images, it seems like nerdy glasses (also a little bit similar to wayfarer eyeglasses style). I also like this type of eyeglasses frames. It seems they are suitable for mature men, It make them look more smart and intelligent. Maybe you can buy such eyeglasses for your father. And i have saw some similar eyeglasses at and Hope this help. Good luck.
  • chopperkriss


    Woody Allen style glasses feature a black rimmed frame, kind of nerdy. I love his glasses. Woody Allen style glasses are adorably vintage and hipster. I'm sure they look like these ones
  • Alexia


    Wow, I gotta say, your taste is good, Woody Allen has been famous throughout the world for several decades. So, his kind of glasses suit aged people, and you can buy them over the Internet, for there are plenty of types to choose from, better yet, in case that you cannot find them, go to glasses shops yourself. Amazon and Ebay may be good options, so go and check out if you can find them.Good luck!

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