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How to resume wearing glasses again after wearing contacts for years?

My doctor told me it is not good to wear contacts too often so I decide to wear glasses again. But how can I resume wearing glasses again after wearing contacts for years?
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  • Alexandria


    It may take some time for you to get used to glasses. You may experience headaches, distorted vision or dizziness, but take it easy. The dizziness and distorted vision usually go away in two or three days. Make sure you have the right prescription in your glasses. Wear your glasses for one hour the first day, two consecutive hours the next day, and three to five hours on the third day before wearing them regularly.
  • Josh


    As a matter of fact, your doctor has given a good suggestion, for it is bad for you to grow reliant on contacts. So, you'd better change to wear glasses from time to time. There are several cons of wearing contacts, so you should wear glasses to give your eyes a rest and then you will be good to go again. Actually, contacts are not necessary if you stay at home. Do you think so? It is not hard to start wearing glasses, although it may take only a few days before you fully adapt yourself to it. If you find yourself dizzy, it's natural, just continue to wear them for a few more days.
  • maria calderin


    Well, your doctor is right that you really need to change contacts to glasses, and you can wear them alternatively. There are some tips when you are going to buy a pair of glasses: 1. The choice of the frame. Considering you've in the habit of wide vision and without diplopia, you should choose plastic or sheet metal which is without high nose pads. 2. The adjustment of the frame angle. As people wearing contacts use the same lenses, when they adapt themselves to contacts, they should take avoiding the prism effect when you adjust the frame. 3. The importance of lenses. I suggest you buy aspherical mirror which has little effect on the aberration and has wide vision.
  • Ethan


    The glasses have a certain distance away from your eyes, the light will be refracted through the lens. Contact lenses is directly attached to the cornea, so the degree of glasses and the degree of contact lenses will be different. In addition, the field of vision is smaller than contact lenses. If you adapt to a clear vision, when your wear glasses, there will certainly be an obvious contrast. So you should go to the hospital and consult of your doctor. I suggest that after you wear contact lenses for several days, you can wear glasses for several days. This can make your eyes have a better protection and also make you adapt to the glasses.
  • Christian


    I have worn contacts for 29 years and never wore glasses before that. After 12 years of only contacts I bought a pair of glasses just to have. I only wore them around the house as I didn't care for them but did kind of got used to them. Fast forward I got a new job about a year and a half ago and not allowed to wear contacts! I got new glasses and prescription safety glasses and haven't looked back! I wear contacts very seldom now as I love my glasses and my eyes feel a lot better! While contacts have some advantages I will not get them again when my supply runs out. I am boarderline for bi-focals and cant buy both. I feel that I look better with my glasses on and recommend glasses instead of contacts! I used to feel weird wearing my glasses in public but I don't now as if you need them WEAR THEM !!